A slow day because of Hurricane Sandy

Schools are closed. Public transits suspended. Even the prognosticating cashier at the corner store encourages you to stock up and avoid any trips in the days ahead. “It’s gonna be bad, real bad,” she emphasizes and shakes her head in disbelief.

The landlord shares tips as how to prepare for a power outage. A friend even sends a voice message to describe how big of a battle he has had with the strong wind to keep his clothes from being stripped away. SCARED? If the answer is not yet, then here come some more scary facts about the impending storm.

Emergencies are issued in states across the east coast. President Obama cancels Florida campaign trip to return to DC to monitor the storm. The New York Stock Exchange and the Nasdaq closed on Monday and reportedly will remain closed on Tuesday. “[It] is the first time in 27 years the stock market have closed for a full day due to adverse weather,” reports BBC.

Scary yet major news channels kept telling about the “super storm turning ugly,” “Hurricane Sandy barrel[ing] toward Northeast,” and the storm churning the Atlantic Ocean. In short, no much rain has come yet, but psychologically the storm has already reached its climax.

So here we go, virtually watching the hurricane to unfold, and psychologically battling the storm hours ago. It’s like watching a horror movie. You invest undivided attention, so we have with the “approaching” storm. We wait. We wait, and we wait. We are having a slow day because of the strengthening storm.





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