May I have a cup of coffee, please?

So here I come, ready to embrace a productive day, but only find the clumsy chick at the café keeps folks waiting. Five, ten, fifteen minute gone by, finally it’s my turn. “What are you getting today?” asks the colorful headed hippie, who wears more colors in her hair than a rainbow does.

“A large cup of regular coffee, please.” “Sure. Give me a minute” says the Ms. Fashionable and walks away to attend the bakery, and then the overflowing sink. I gave her five more minutes, and that’s it.

“A-hum (fake cough), excuse me. Hello, excuse me.”

“O, why don’t you go to the other side, and they will get your order,” says the Ms. F.

I mean it’s ten in the morning. A population of folks lined up on the other side of the counter to break their fast.

She got to be kidding. “You mean on that side?”

She nods.

“With all those folks?”

She nods again.

“Can I just get a cup? It’s two bucks.”

“You just want the coffee?” she finally wakes up.

“Yes, madam.”

“O, here you go. Enjoy.”

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