Wire Hanger Stove

Ecochunk recently published a piece on eco-friendly dung stove made using recycled wire hangers (http://www.ecochunk.com/3498/2012/10/29/thab-eco-friendly-dung-stove-made-using-recycled-wire-hangers/#more-3498). As a nomad and environmentalist myself, I feel obligated to voice against misrepresentation of my culture and dilution of the global effort to go green.

Recycled-Wire-Hangers-Stove for Tibetan nomads, is this some type of Halloween cold jokes? Come on, you got to be pulling everyone’s legs here. First of all, let’s not be fooled with the catchy Eco friendly title, and be carried away with the scary indoor toxic fumes in Tibet, and be stupefied with the billions of wire hungers ended up in the U.S. landfills every year.

While I salute to the creativity and eco-mindedness of folks involved here, let’s not paint the cliché racially biased picture of primal nomads freezing in the plateau blizzard, and then there comes the savior wealthy ones. The latter’s trash becomes the former’s treasure, and everyone lives happily ever after.

First, how eco-friendly could shipping American wire hungers off on “dwindling and carbon-emitting fuels” to the Tibetan plateau be? Let’s be realistic, it’s not eco-friendly, period.

Second, how socio-economically sensible is it to transport these wire-stoves overseas? Are the invested parties going to transport them by ship or airfreight? It doesn’t take an economist to figure out the cost if a village’s worth supply is to be transported. Wouldn’t it make more sense to reallocate the cost to raise health-related awareness, to hold basic medical training sessions, or to come up with something more levelheaded?

Third, how culturally acceptable can it be to propose the introduction of a wire-bound pile to hot rocks in one’s residence? When you are stressed over the possibility of your kids run into designer kid-friendly soft edge furniture, please do not forget the very families you are trying to save with your hangers also have little ones to worry about.

The list goes on, but I hope you got my points.

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